Here's What Happened:

When incidents occur we often ask if inadequate training of workers or supervisors who needed to work together allowed an incident to occur? Did supervisors fail to communicate clearly; were directions given in an unclear manner; or did noise or poor lighting cause inadequate understanding?

When there are questions, attorneys and engineering firms know they can count on Jim Wilkinson to discover and report the facts behind these failures.

To the right are some of the many different types of assignments we have handled.

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Typical Assignments

Determining the cause of a failure in any of the many different types of facilities used by the oil and gas industry is rarely easy. That's when you need an expert with years of experience who can determine the true cause of failure.

Below are just some of the tasks we have been assigned in the past, and are ready to provide for you today:

  • Accident Analysis and verification
  • Completion, Workover, and Treating Operations Assessment
  • Contract Performance Analysis
  • Crane and Rigging accident assessment
  • Deep Water operations analysis
  • Down Hole Failures in cased or open hole
  • Exploration and Development drilling incidents
  • Fires & Explosions involving hydrocarbons
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Loss of Well Control
  • Mechanical & Electrical systems failure analysis
  • Offshore Structures and Vessel Analysis, operational safety, damage assessment, repair methods and costs
  • Operations Analysis of E&P activities
  • Personal Injury Accidents for defense or plaintiff - oil field, marine, service companies and operators
  • Petroleum production operations
  • Product Failure analysis and liability assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Rig Moves - wet, dry, field or ocean tows
  • Safety Codes, standards, regulations and generally accepted practices
  • Shipyards & Construction Sites - contract and safety analysis
  • Stability, Station Keeping & Mooring Analysis
  • Systems Analysis, operational safety and costs
  • Valuations of vessels, MODU's, and specialized oil service vessels
  • Vessel Groundings, Collisions and Allisions