Accidents Happen

During a hurricane a jackup rig broke free from its legs, drifted with the wind and struck a production platform causing serious damages. Was this solely the result of a major hurricane or did actions of the operator or contractor cause the losses? More...

Firms such as Jones Walker in New Orleans, Fulbright & Jaworski in Houston and Norton Rose in London depend on Jim Wilkinson & Associates. More...

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Jim Wilkinson & Associates, Inc. investigates and analyzes incidents — providing answers to difficult technical questions when you need them most. Our highly respected engineers, scientists, and mariners have experience in all aspects of the oil & gas, marine, and other industries. This assures a prompt and reliable response to our client's needs. Companies with disputes involving oil and gas operators, drilling contractors, oil service companies and their employees, or Intellectual Property turn to us for the information they need to achieve a fast and satisfactory resolution. More...

Investigate, Discover, Report, and Testify

Industrial projects are a mix of complex sciences, multi-disciplined engineering tasks, specialized equipment, and a trained labor force who work together to develop, produce, and transport products to world markets safely and economically.

When an accident happens or disaster strikes, claims and counterclaims arise. Rumors and speculations evolve. Disputes occur and litigation threatens. At such times, prompt and accurate information becomes a priority. That's where we come in.

Specialists in

  • Accident Investigations

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